Why Secondly Matters

Who We Are

Secondly is a preloved and vintage children's clothing brand, founded by two sustainably-led individuals. Our vision emerged from our love of thrifting unique clothing pieces with the undoubtable need for circularity in the children's fashion industry.

Our Values

Twice as Nice!
Improving circularity within the clothing industry.
We stick to our promises, always.
Clean and Gentle
Washed using eco detergents and cycles.
From sourcing to delivery, we minimise our impact on the environment.
Being a kid is all about play and exploration, we want to embrace this.

Our Ethos

We're here to spur sustainability on with the help of your youngsters! Our aim is to create a brand that puts sustainability into every part of its being. At each step of our process we aim to minimise our impact to the environment, always. Come have a read of what we've put in place to be as eco-friendly as possible.

Environmental Impact

Eco-friendly packaging

Our packaging is 100% recyclable, using cardboard, brown paper and tape, one singular stamp and biodegradable shipping labels.

Second is best around here

All our clothing is second-hand, pre-loved by it's previous owner, ready for you to start the next chapter of it's never ending journey. No production, no new materials, just love.

A detergent you can trust

Our laundry detergent has been specifically chosen to be not only safe for the environment, but also safe for your children.

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Quality & Affordability


We have a process of checking quality and the durability of items, to ensure comfort for your little one!


We use a thoughtful pricing model that maintains fairness and will work to make changes were necessary.


We source our pieces worldwide, with trusted suppliers, ensuring authenticity and high quality.